Living Room Asset Pack

Living Room Asset Pack

Living Room Fireplace

Living Room Three Seater Sofa

Living Room Love Seat Sofa

Living Room Sofa Chair

Living Room Sofa Ottoman

Living Room Tall Lamp

Living Room Table Lamp

Customize-able Picture Frame

Living Room Coffee Table

Living Room Side Table

Living Room Asset Pack

Living room asset pack that was created using Blender. This asset pack includes the key components that you could find in a living room. They can be used for game development, animations, scenes and much more. The purpose of the asset pack is to be used in a living room setting but it is not limited to that.

This is a new and improved living room asset pack compared to my previous living room asset pack. The models use less polygons, have better topology, all are PBR ready and use the metalness workflow. There are also several higher quality models such as the lamps which use normal maps on the lamp shades to create more detail without increasing the polygon count. The models that use glass use diffuse textures with alpha transparency which allows the glass to become transparent.

These models are available for purchase on my online 3D model store on CGTrader following this link:

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