Restaurant Asset Pack

Restaurant Asset Pack

Restaurant Single Booth

Restaurant Circular Booth

Restaurant Corner Booth

Restaurant Wall Booth

Restaurant Regular Table

Restaurant Circular Table

Restaurant Semi Circle Table

Restaurant Single Table

Restaurant Dining Chair

Restaurant Dining Chair #2

Restaurant Silverware Set

Restaurant Hostess Stand

Restaurant Hanging Lamp

Restaurant Picture Frame

Restaurant Asset Pack

This is my restaurant asset pack that I have created using Blender. It has the key components that you could find in any restaurant scene. In this project you are able to view pictures of all of the models and also in full 3D. There are a total of 19 models and 135 PBR textures that were used to create the models. The total polygon count of all included models is 87,084 which means all models are low poly.

You will also notice there is a picture frame included with a custom picture that is being used. With this picture frame you are able to customize the texture and change the image to anything you want. The picture frame is also scalable which allows you to have different size pictures.

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