Church Asset Pack V2

Church Asset Pack V2

Church Altar V2

Church Prayer Bench V2

Church Chair #1 V2

Church Chair #2 V2

Church Book Set

Church Candle V2

Church Pew V2

Church Pew Screen V2

Church Confession Box V2

Church Piano V2

Church Piano Bench V2

Church Podium V2

Church Asset Pack V2

This is my Church Asset Pack V2. It is a remake of my original church asset pack. It includes many improvements such as lower poly count on all models, improved topology, better UV layouts, increased detail, PBR textures, and uses the metalness workflow. There is a sketchfab model viewer a long with preview images of each model. The first sketchfab model viewer and picture is a layout of all of the models in the pack.

More artwork
Cameron schmaltz train track with train render 1Cameron schmaltz diner collection render 1Cameron schmaltz safe render 1