Glass Cabinet Project

Glass Cabinet

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Glass Cabinet Project

Glass Cabinet that was inspired by a glass cabinet that I own and re-created using Blender. This model set uses PBR textures and was made using the metalness workflow. Included with the model are several different textures for customization. Also included is a texture of the UVLayout for the model so that you can easily see how each part of the model is divided.

This is a glass cabinet that makes use of the alpha channel on its diffuse map to create transparency for the glass walls, doors and shelves. There is also a diffuse map that does not use the alpha channel and a separate opacity map. It has a lock on the front glass door which uses a metallic map to make it metal. There are also rubber stops on the front glass door located on either side. Each shelf rests on 4 rubber pegs that stick out from each corner of the cabinet.

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